Why Headshot/Portrait Photography?

   I made the conscious decision to focus much of my efforts on Headshots and Portraits (with a recently renewed overwhelming demand for Business/Commercial Photography).  I've become quite an accomplished Sports Photographer getting remarkable guidance from some of the best in the business in the early years.

   Then there were the weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, family parties and many a corporate event.

   My entrance into fully embracing Portraits was born from my fascination with light.  I think that started with a Car Photography workshop with literally the top guy on the planet who spoke almost entirely of light.  Something just started clicking, but I had a very long way to go.

   After a massive amount of training (which will never end) I made the leap and, although nervous, nailed my first session with the new high-end lighting gear.

   The question, however, remains - Why Portraits?:

   1. Regardless of field it seems as though those who specialize simply do a better job.  They are known for that one thing and do it better than anyone else.

   2. I now place the majority of my focus in this one area.  I know what I'm doing and am always ready for whatever challenges pop up; since I've either seen it, done it or will learn about it and can simply adjust as required.

   3. Specialists are often experts in that one area, have a different perspective than those who do it all and are, therefore, on a different level.

   4. There's not only the lighting and gear to master, but also to evolve for a specific purpose to be ready for anything.  The discovery of new techniques is constant and more often than not I'm able to improve by maximizing the gear that I already have without being distracted by a perceived need to upgrade.

   5. With specialization comes a level of confidence that makes it look easy.  It takes a lot of work to make it look easy and become 2nd nature; and I always deliver.

   6. There's so much to master and always something challenging to learn, understand and implement in Headshot/Portrait Photography.

   7. I really enjoy the "Portrait" community.  It's very collaborative and not overly competitive.  There's  a great dynamic at hand in a community that's very helpful to one another.  I think it's because we all develop into our own constantly evolving styles and are glad to share and learn from one another.

   8. And finally, a statement of photography in general - Many of us own high-end cameras or we may even get very satisfying cell phone pictures.  A common impulse is to view this as competition, but I consider just the opposite.  I think that this "photography" explosion has created a greater appreciation for the art.  Professionals have to constantly address this with an ever increasing pursuit of excellence which, in turn, raises the entire photography community as one.  

   Thank you for the opportunity to meet and exceed all of your expectations.  I deliver always.