Why Headshot/Portrait Photography?

   Fully embracing Portraits was born from my fascination with light.  It all started at a Car Photography Workshop with the top guy on the planet who spoke almost entirely of light.  Something started clicking, but I had a very long way to go.

   After extensive training I made the leap.

   The question, however, remains - Why Portraits?:

   1. Regardless of field those who specialize tend to do a better job.  They are known for that one thing and it shows.

   2. The majority of my focus is in this one area.  I know what I'm doing and am always ready for any challenge; since I've either seen it, done it or will learn it and can readily adjust.

   3. Specialists are often experts in that one area, have a different perspective than those who do it all and are, therefore, on a different level.

   4. There's not only the lighting and gear to master, but also to evolve for a specific purpose to be ready for anything.  The discovery of new techniques is constant I'm able to improve by maximizing the gear that I already have without being distracted by a perceived need to upgrade.

   5. With specialization comes a level of confidence that makes it look easy; even though it took a lot of time and effort to get "there".

   6. There's so much to master and always something challenging to learn, understand and implement.

   7. I really enjoy the "Portrait" community.  It's very collaborative.  There's a great dynamic where everyone's very helpful.  We all develop our own constantly evolving styles and are glad to share and learn from each other.

   8. Many of us own high-end cameras or we may even get very satisfying cell phone pictures.  A common impulse is to view this as competition, but I consider just the opposite.  This "photography" explosion has created a greater appreciation for the art with an ever increasing pursuit of excellence which, in turn, raises the entire photography community as one.