Cory Steiner Photography

The Joy of Photography

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Your Bucks County Photographer

My Background

My photography life began capturing high school sports.  Word spread and it was game-on.  From community events to family gatherings to major corporate shoots I did it all and learned a lot along the way.  A profession was born although I didn't yet know it. 

Photographer - Yardley, PA

My First Real Gig

A last-minute photographer request on Facebook was answered by me for a large event near Philadelphia, PA introducing a major motion picture.  They say to fake confidence and it'll eventually come.  I took a deep breath,  stepped out of my car and almost fainted.

Cory Steiner Photography

Every Picture Tells a Story

Whether planned or just in the right place at the right time I'm blessed with the ability to share special moments.  It's endless with the goal of daily learning as I return to my "enthusiast" roots for The Joy of Photography.

Bryan Peterson Photography

"Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson

A great photographer suggested that I start my photography education with this book from world-class photography educator Bryan Peterson.  Much of it didn't make sense at first, but it came together as I began connecting the dots.  This book, for many, is the first step to getting over the hump.  Clicking on the graphic or the button below will bring you to my Amazon Associates link of "Understanding Exposure" at no extra cost.